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How to Celebrate the End of School
By Lisa A Mason

The end of the school year is approaching most students across the country and this is a great time for parents to help their children celebrate the end of school. Whether you attend public or private school or are home schooled, the end of one school season marks another milestone in the life of the student. She's learned more, matured more, met new friends, experienced new things and grown as a person. It can be great to celebrate this milestone with an end of school year party or celebration.

Celebrating the end of the school year is a great way to transition your child to a new phase in their life and also to show them that you are involved and that you care about this important milestone. As adults, it's so easy to get caught up in the day to day that we forget how important things like this are to our children. Some children get sad, anxious or nervous about the end of a school year and this can be a great way to ease their concerns and get them excited about moving forward in life.

Here are some ideas on how to celebrate the end of school:
· Throw an end of school party and let your children invite their friends
· Allow your child to have a sleepover on the weekend of the end of school with a couple of friends
· Throw a family-only party with balloons, cake and other celebrations
· Create a school year scrapbook together with all the memories of this year and what makes it special
· Have a water party- swimming pools, water slides, water guns, water balloons and sprinklers all make great fun, especially to start off the summer
· Plan a family movie night- sit down with your kids and let them stay up late watching all of your favorite movies together and enjoy popcorn and other snacks

Now that you have these ideas to get you started, you're ready to begin planning an end of school celebration for your family. Another fun idea that's a real motivator for most students is to purchase awards and have your own family awards ceremony. We get trophies for our children for Honor Roll all year or Perfect Attendance and Citizenship awards.

Highest GPAs, sports excellent and other academic excellence are also great ideas. My youngest read over 1,000 books for the Books and Beyond program so we got him a trophy with a book on it. There are many websites that allow online ordering of trophies, medals, ribbons, certificates and other awards at great prices.

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Lisa Mason is a freelance writer with a specialty in Internet content and SEO articles and the author of How to Earn a Living Writing for the Internet as well as two poetry anthologies and a how-to poetry book.
She's also mother of 4 children aged from 1 to 10- two boys and two girls. The best part of being self employed is the time it allows her to spend with her family.
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High School Musical Birthday Party

ArticleBy Jeanne Benedict
Celebrations Expert

Have a blast at a High School Musical Birthday Party.
Break out in song for your birthday party with a High School Musical theme.

Whether you're a fan of Troy (Zac Efron), the hot jock who sings, or Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens), the beautiful and brainy scholar-turn-star, the upbeat vibe of this blockbuster Disney franchise inspires a ton of ideas for a great party.

Pay tribute to the East High Wildcats by decorating in team colors of red and white, munch party food on cafeteria trays, and play a High School Musical DVD on a big movie screen.

Try one or all of these ideas for a show-stopping High School Musical birthday party.


Monday, October 27, 2008

School Party Ideas: Graduation cakes

Graduation Cake Ideas

by Brian Kane

Graduation Cake Ideas and Suggestions

If you have a friend or relative who has an upcoming graduation, you may be thinking about baking them a special graduation cake. This website is jammed packed with some interesting and unique graduation cake ideas that help you find cake inspiration for such a special occasion.
Graduation is happy time, it's a time to celebrate, meet with family and friends as well as look forward to a bright futures. If you know someone who is about the graduate and you are set on planning a special graduation party then one of the essentials is a really good graduation cake ideas, no pressure :-)

Graduations mark academic advancement and deserves real recognition and celebration. Graduation parties areas much for family and friends to enjoy as the graduate themselves and typically almost everybody loves cake so choosing the right graduation cake is an opportunity to please the crowd. One of the first decisions to make is whether to buy or bake your graduation cake. Professionally baked graduation cakes can be tailored to suit the person graduating and the more personalised the better. They can be decorated with cars or faces and be made in the shape of scrolls or graduation caps and any other objects you can imagine.

If you decide to buy your cake then be sure to plan way in advance of the event. Order your graduation cake well in advance as bakeries can often be busy particularly around graduation time. Be sure to contact your baker as soon as you have decided on a party date and make sure they have all of your cake specifications. Look out for recommendation from family, friend son the best bakery to order from. Don't order to small. By all means estimate the number of people who will be attending when thinking about the size of the cake but be sure allow for some extra bodies just to be on the safe side.

In choosing colours for the cake it is often a good idea to use the school or college colors. Colors can easily be incorporated into icing and other cake decoration. The graduate's name and the graduation date are also nice touches. For that extra measure of personalisation why not have a picture of the person put on the cake. Most bakeries should be able to transfer a photo directly to the cake frosting so you could have fun with a childhood photo or a more serious one if you choose.

Making your Own
If you choose to make your own graduation cake it can take up a fair bit of your time but it is obviously less expensive and it will allow you to add some very personal touches. This method also allows you to be sure about the quality and freshness of the ingredients used to make up the cake so you can ensure it's fresh and tasty

Graduation Cake Decorations
The great thing about looking after the graduation cake is that you can be a creative and inventive as you like. As a basic rule of thumb - the more unique the ideas, the better. Want to bake the cake yourself - Click Here! to Get Instant Access To Dozens And Dozens Of Cakes, Cookies And Candies Online Training Videos And Community. Stories, Recipes, Pictures and So much more.

Personalizing the cake with the name of the person, the graduation date and the name of the school, college or university will add a great personal touch to create a great graduation cake but you need not stop there. Think about the person graduating and consider the following - the subject studied their personality & interests and so on. You will soon come up with unique ideas on how to approach your Graduation cake decorations.

The mortar board and tassel are the classic graduation cake toppings, but you don't need to stick with tradition. Fun patterns, school colours, polka dots and stars may meet other peoples tastes. For a child's graduation celebration a superhero design or cars and trains may be a better option. The choices for your cake design are as wide as your imagination. . If the graduate has career plans, maybe you could decorate the cake to reflect this choice. A Dollar sign for an accountant or a test tube for a graduate perusing a science career. A short quotation also provides an added touch of class. What about some Latin? Or a school motto?

Themed Graduation cake decorations are always a good idea. For example for a maths graduation you could decorate the cake in the cake in the school colors displayed with math symbols, everything from plus and minus signs to pi and square root signs. The same could be applied with Science - test tubes and chemical elements etc. I would check the Wilton cake decorating books. Also, go to your library and see what kind of cake decorating books that they have. Thirdly, I would consult with a bakery and see if they have any suggestions.

When working on a cake yourself bear n mind that t properly decorated a cake, you can buy Moulds in various different shapes and sizes. Cars, trains, cartoon characters, the list goes on. Thick cream can be put into these moulds to get different kinds of shapes for presentation purposes. Edible articles such as chocolates - grated or made into figures, candies, butter cream, fruit pieces like strawberries, cherries etc

You can also use the season as your inspiration. There are various frostings and icings which can be used for cake decorations. Victorian style, Royal icing, Fondant, Ganache and so on

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

School Party Ideas: Pot luck

Sharing school party ideas with Pot Luck

Pot luck is a very popular school pary ideas in the western part of the world. Many international schools use this party ideas for many reasons. They can learn English by sharing and talking about different culture. They can have good topic to keep the party noisy. Most of all, the party host will have a good excuse not to prepare food.

Pot luck is a school party ideas that everyone will have to bring their own food to the party. The reason this kind of party is popular for international students is that their food can be so different. They can start the conversation by "what kind of food is that?" or "how did you cook that?" It could be a really fun party.

The factor you need to concern about this kind of party is that do not control the amount and type of food. Your students may have different background or family status. Some of them may bring a so-so food and some may bring very good and expensive one.

Don't put any rule on it as long as it's clean and healthy. Otherwise, you will see some of your students hiding themselves around the corner of the room without anyone talking to them just becasue they feel like their food is not as good as the others.

As a host, you should prepare something as well, in case the food is not enough or people bring only snack or drink. Be prepare of that kind of situation. Also, you should go around and talk to everyone, especially the new one or the one that seem to be lonely.

Pot luck party is an excellent school party ideas. With a littible bit of management, you can ensure that it is going to be a fun and memorable party for your students.

Monday, September 15, 2008

School Party Ideas Games 5

School Party Ideas Game: Secret drawing

Secret drawing is an excellent game to teach everyone of how to work as a team while keeping a fun activitiy and atmosphere. It is more suitable with grown kid around more than 10 year old.

Instruction: Group people into 5 or more in each group. Every group has one big empty paper and a set of color pens / crayon. The rule is everyone will have to draw the picture to be as same as possible with the original picture that you prepared earlier. However, this original picture is set in a secret area where everyonelse cannot see.

Each member of the team will have only one chance to come and see it in a limited of time and go back to draw or tell the team to draw.

Everyone will have only one chance to see this drawing, one by one. The drawing should be easy to understand but full of details such as red circial on the top right and small triangle up side down in the middle with a greeen tea inside etc.

The most important part of this school party ideas game is to give them around 5 minutes to discuss the plan before starting the game. Anyone who are ready will stand in line waiting to see the picture in a secret area. You will time them and ask them to stop immedietly when the time is up before asking the next one to come and see the drawing.

This school party ideas game is very good to teach the participants to learn how to work as a team because it is not possible that only one member will be able to remember everything. They need to seperate work and divide the area and help each other remember.

The disccussion part is very important and whoever comes up with the team plan first usually be the winner. Don't forget to summarize that the best way to win this game and any kind of big task is to work as a team.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

School Party Ideas Games 4

School Party Ideas Game: Whisper

Tools: more than 5 people.

This communication game is quite popular for all ages and can be a fun school pary ideas.

It will give everone a big laugh and can be a good example to teach everyone about the efficiency of verbal communication.

Have everyone sit or stand in circle or in line. You prepare some confusing phrases or sentences for everyone such as "I go to the town to see the white and brown cow" , show it to the first person and ask them to whisper this phrase one by one until the last person.

Then ask the last person to say it out loud. Everyone will laugh to hear that how the phrase are changed from the first whisper.

Keep playing for a while and summarize to everyone in the group that message from person to person can be changed so much. Therefore, do not believe everyone tells you right away. Think about it or find out the truth before you totally belive something.

However, no need to summarize seriously, if the participants are still very young (less than 10 years old). Your fun school party ideas will become a too serious one and they would not understand it anyway.

Friday, September 5, 2008

School Party Ideas Game 3

School Party Ideas: Bird and Nest

Bird and nest is a fun activity for the new group of people. They will havea chance to talk and run around during the game. It requires very minium of preparation but lots of fun.

Requirement : Just people. Let's say at least 30 people. The more people the more fun..!!

Instruction: Everyone has to define themselves whether they want to be birdor nest and they have to stick with the role throughout the game.

Then, an MC will simply annouce to everyone to group together in a certain number ofnests and birds. For example, when the MC said "we need 5 nest and 3birds." Everyone will need to rund around and group together. 1 group will consist of 5 people who are defined as nest and 3 people who definethemsleve as birds.

Therefore, there will be people who cannot group withanyone left in every round. These people will be invited to the stage anddo some purnishment like dancing etc.

Tips: Since this is a game, so don't make the result so serious. If you see someone change from bird to nest it should be fine as long as they talk andhave fun together. People who don't know each other before will have achance to talk while they already group together closly and wait for the others to run around and find their group.

You can tell everyonoe to spreadaway before starting the new round to ensure that the same group will notalways group together.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

School party ideas with Olympic games

School Party Ideas to apply the spirit of Olympic games

Everyone is probably knew that the biggest event of mankind is coming again in 2008 Beijing Olympic games. This is a great chance to apply something related to Olympic Games to your school party ideas.

If you have a sport competition. You can assume that each team is the representation of each countr or continent,y and compete to win a "Paper Gold Medal." The party will be funnier.

Even though nationality humors are not appropriate sometimes, a a small teasing on the costume or the make up would make it much more hilarious. For example, the cheer leaders from Chinese team can dress in a Chinese costume or Chinese Opera costume etc.

In a young generation party, the story of Olympic Game Heroes can always be touchng.

It will remind all participants that it takes a very great effort to be successful.
It is a good time that the young generation will have their heroes.
It is a good time that the word " I wanna be like...." will inspire them, for someone, for the whole life.

Tell everyone that they can be successful like Ian Thorp, Micheal Johnson, Florence Griffith Joyner and many more. So, if you want to set up activities related to Olympic Games, don't lose the chance to encourage your children to find their role models.

Remember, linking popular events to your school party is one of the most simple school party ideas to make it much funnier and special.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Thanks giving school party ideas

Thanks giving School party ideas

Thanks giving is one of the most beautiful day. It is the day that represent kindness and hospitality that people can have with each otherno matter where they are from.

If you want to set up a thanks giving party at your school make sure it is not only a ''turkey and stuff" party. Make sure you have a nice party to remind everyone of the kindess warmliness that humans should have to eacvh other, especially in the cruel world nowaday.

You can prepare some small historical thanks giving act or a VDO cartoon to tell everyone about the origin of thanks giving. That's the good school party ideas for thanks giving.

If you want to have some kind of game or competition just to make the party more fun you can ask your students questions regarding thanks giving which was just shown in the act or VDO. This way everyone will pay more attention to that act or VDO to try to remember them to win the game. The winner prize could be something about Red-Indian such as arrow set toy or wood shield.

A good food, good game and good story can make a perfect thanks giving school party ideas.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

School party ideas Game 2

School Party Ideas: Build a team work with construction game

Construction game is one of the very popular activities for school party ideas and team building activities. The idea is that to have everyone work together to create a piece of work for small competition in a limited time.

For example, we can seperate everyone into a small group and ask them to build a shooting machine from rubber and wood. Whoever make the most precise shooting machine will win the competition.

We should provide a certain tools and limited time so to set a fair rules to everyone to work with the same tools and time.

Again, you should not make the result so seriously but make it as one of an important point to be the reward for the winner. The point is people will know each other during the game. They will learn to solve the problem and work together in a crisis situation.

Do not let everyone continue after the time is up.

Example of construction for the fun game school party ideas.

  • Newspaper and tape and rubber band to build "the highest tower with free-stand."
  • Newspaper, tape, rubber band and a small ball to build "the best shooting machine."
  • Newspaper and tape to create "the strongest fighting forg."

This game school party ideas are very good for the environment that people still do not know each other very well. It's one of good "break the ice" activities.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

School party ideas Game 1

Amazing school party ideas: The Helium Stick

This is a very cool game for school party ideas. Everyone will be amazed when they start playing!!

Number of players: At least 10 recommended

Instruction for the Helium stick agame school party ideas:
1. Have all the participants stand in a long and straight line.

2. Ask everyone to raise their hands. The upper arm must stay next to the body and hold the lower arm perpendicular with the upper part. Everyone pull out only index finger for both hands and hold in the same level parallel with the surface.

3. Slowly put a long stick on their index fingers and ask them to slowly lower the stick down.

Remember: Everyone must not change the hand and arm position. They can kneel down. They can only bend forward to lower the stick down. The most important thing is that "everyone must try to have their fingers touch the stick at all time."

Result: Everyone will be amazed that the stick will never go down. Instead, it will keep floating up!! This easy activity will turn out to be very difficult. The way to lower the sticket down require a careful plan and strong collaboration.

The result of this game school party ideas is not necessary but the lesson learn is much more important that everyone in the team need to work closely together in order to achieve the same goal.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

kids school party ideas

Make the fun school party ideas for young children

The school party ideas for kids require special attention. You have to make it fun and "safe". You have to keep balance with everything. Kids need to learn something from the activities. It cannot be so boring and it must be safe at all time. Any games or any activitis that have a risk to either one of those criteria must not be excluded from our kid school party ideas.

  • Group tour to the zoo -- Kids love animals. They learn a lot from how they live, move, eat and everything. You will not need any further activities at all. Just take everyone around. Make sure nobody get lost.

Try to explain them once in a while what are those animals and link to the good or bad habits that kids should or should not do. For example, rooster wake up so early so they can get to go out and see the sun before everyone. We should wake up early like a rooster". Those statement are important part of the field trip for kid school party ideas.

  • Super Hero shows -- Hire popular cartoon characters or super hero to play in front kids. Kids will believe them more than teachers, when they say "be nice to your parents". Be sure you hire the right characters. Not the one that represents cruel habits like kill kill and kill. Remember not to overlook the small details.
  • Parents game -- Invite their parents to do good activities together. They can play some easy sport, a hunting game or a funny singing contest. The type of school party ideas have so many great benefits. Kids will have activities with parents and it might be something some family never done in a normal time. It will be someting to talk or memorize when they grew up. They will truly realize how parents can support them when they are in a hard situation. In some situations, they can even be proud that their "children skill" can help out the parents as well.

Make sure you don't pay too much attention on the result. We don't want to see any kids crying when they lost or family argument. The parents game is one of the most popular activities for kids school party ideas.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Valentine's day school party ideas

Valentine School Party Ideas

Valentine's day is one of the most beautiful day throughout a calendar year. The school party ideas in valentine's day should also be beautiful and give a very nice feeling to everyone, while maintaining an enjoyable atmosphere because at the end it's still a school party!!

  • Flowers for you -- Valentine's day is about love and love is about flower. It is always good to involve flowers for nice school party ideas. Invest some budget to buy bunch of flowers and inform participants, your classmates or faculty juniors etc., to gather in some public places such as parks or school canteen. Everyone have their own flowers and can give to people in that places. It could creat a big laugh to people around.

Optionally, you can have someone to take photoes or VDO to share and to laugh with during the night party or later on. Be sure to ask for permission from the authority of that public place. Otherwise, the fun plan could be a nightmare if you end up the day at the police station!

  • Charity share love -- Arrange an activity to take everyone to a charity place for the donation. Valentine's day is not only about the love between boys and girls. It is about the love from everyone to everyone. And it could be the best school party ideas ever for many of them.

  • Valentine is about love not sex -- This blog is not a crazy undergroud blog. I am not encouraged you to take advantages of valentine's day to arrange a sexual or crazy party. It's valentine's day so make it a beautiful school party ideas.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Back to School Party Ideas

Back to school party ideas

For young children, we can imagine that first day at school will be the most suffer day in their life. As a kind teachers, you should be having some fun activities to comfort them during the first day in school.

If you are looking for some fun actvities to give a warm welcome to your student on the first day of school, check out below fun games and ideas for back to school party ideas. Find out what's the idea for your back to school pary

  1. Simon Says -- The most popular game. The players listen to the leader (Simon) and strictly follow what "Simon says" not what "Simon Does". Simon can fool the players by acting and saying differently. The player who does not follow what "Simon Says" will be eliminitead. The one who stay longest will be the winner.

  2. XXX Mania -- A fun back to school pary ideas. Find some good topic related to everyone who play the game and ask questions about that topics. The group or person who can answer the most questions will be the winner. For example, if you are member of basketball club you can set up a game "Kobe Bryant Mania" and ask questions about Kobe. It could be his first draft, his favorite players or his highest score season etc. This game will bring everyone to the same topic they like.

  3. Sport activities -- Sport activities always a great back to school party ideas. Basketball, football, running or tug-of-war. Make it easy and relax. Do not pay too much attention to the result. Teach everyone sportmanship and harmony.

  4. Charity back to school party ideas -- Bring valuable or memorable items for the bidding. Collect money or spare some income for charity to make your party more valuable.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Halloween School Party Ideas

Halloween school party ideas

Halloween doesn’t sound like a fun time at the beginning but somehow people make a lot of fun activities during the time. I am sure everyone would have some fun Halloween school party ideas back in the time you were in school. If you are looking for some fun school party ideas for your coming Halloween party, check out below list from me.
Find out what's the idea for your coming Halloween Party.

  1. Halloween Costume -- Everyone dresses in a halloween costume. Eat, drink and dance!!

  2. Halloween MAZE -- If you have enough spaces and budget, set up a maze and let's everyone play in a group. Have your team dress in a scary ghost to haunt the players inside. The first, or fastest, group who come out of the maze will get the prize. Don't forget to play it in the dark and extremely concern about everyone's safety. It could be a scary Halloween School Party Ideas!!!

  3. Ghost Guessing Game -- Have your team dress in a ghost costume. They have to cover their face and important parts of the body in a different way. For example, mummy covers their face with tissue paper etc. Let's the participants guess who are the ghost under the cover.

  4. Ghost Competition -- Annouce before the party day that you will have every group build or make some creative pieces of art about Halloween such as mask and ghost costume etc. Invite specialists or wellknown people to be a judge and annouce the winner on the party day.

  5. Charity Halloween School Party Ideas -- Bring valuable or memorable items for the bidding. Collect money or spare some income for charity to make your party more valuable.