Thursday, September 11, 2008

School Party Ideas Games 4

School Party Ideas Game: Whisper

Tools: more than 5 people.

This communication game is quite popular for all ages and can be a fun school pary ideas.

It will give everone a big laugh and can be a good example to teach everyone about the efficiency of verbal communication.

Have everyone sit or stand in circle or in line. You prepare some confusing phrases or sentences for everyone such as "I go to the town to see the white and brown cow" , show it to the first person and ask them to whisper this phrase one by one until the last person.

Then ask the last person to say it out loud. Everyone will laugh to hear that how the phrase are changed from the first whisper.

Keep playing for a while and summarize to everyone in the group that message from person to person can be changed so much. Therefore, do not believe everyone tells you right away. Think about it or find out the truth before you totally belive something.

However, no need to summarize seriously, if the participants are still very young (less than 10 years old). Your fun school party ideas will become a too serious one and they would not understand it anyway.