Wednesday, September 17, 2008

School Party Ideas: Pot luck

Sharing school party ideas with Pot Luck

Pot luck is a very popular school pary ideas in the western part of the world. Many international schools use this party ideas for many reasons. They can learn English by sharing and talking about different culture. They can have good topic to keep the party noisy. Most of all, the party host will have a good excuse not to prepare food.

Pot luck is a school party ideas that everyone will have to bring their own food to the party. The reason this kind of party is popular for international students is that their food can be so different. They can start the conversation by "what kind of food is that?" or "how did you cook that?" It could be a really fun party.

The factor you need to concern about this kind of party is that do not control the amount and type of food. Your students may have different background or family status. Some of them may bring a so-so food and some may bring very good and expensive one.

Don't put any rule on it as long as it's clean and healthy. Otherwise, you will see some of your students hiding themselves around the corner of the room without anyone talking to them just becasue they feel like their food is not as good as the others.

As a host, you should prepare something as well, in case the food is not enough or people bring only snack or drink. Be prepare of that kind of situation. Also, you should go around and talk to everyone, especially the new one or the one that seem to be lonely.

Pot luck party is an excellent school party ideas. With a littible bit of management, you can ensure that it is going to be a fun and memorable party for your students.