Friday, September 5, 2008

School Party Ideas Game 3

School Party Ideas: Bird and Nest

Bird and nest is a fun activity for the new group of people. They will havea chance to talk and run around during the game. It requires very minium of preparation but lots of fun.

Requirement : Just people. Let's say at least 30 people. The more people the more fun..!!

Instruction: Everyone has to define themselves whether they want to be birdor nest and they have to stick with the role throughout the game.

Then, an MC will simply annouce to everyone to group together in a certain number ofnests and birds. For example, when the MC said "we need 5 nest and 3birds." Everyone will need to rund around and group together. 1 group will consist of 5 people who are defined as nest and 3 people who definethemsleve as birds.

Therefore, there will be people who cannot group withanyone left in every round. These people will be invited to the stage anddo some purnishment like dancing etc.

Tips: Since this is a game, so don't make the result so serious. If you see someone change from bird to nest it should be fine as long as they talk andhave fun together. People who don't know each other before will have achance to talk while they already group together closly and wait for the others to run around and find their group.

You can tell everyonoe to spreadaway before starting the new round to ensure that the same group will notalways group together.