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How to Celebrate the End of School
By Lisa A Mason

The end of the school year is approaching most students across the country and this is a great time for parents to help their children celebrate the end of school. Whether you attend public or private school or are home schooled, the end of one school season marks another milestone in the life of the student. She's learned more, matured more, met new friends, experienced new things and grown as a person. It can be great to celebrate this milestone with an end of school year party or celebration.

Celebrating the end of the school year is a great way to transition your child to a new phase in their life and also to show them that you are involved and that you care about this important milestone. As adults, it's so easy to get caught up in the day to day that we forget how important things like this are to our children. Some children get sad, anxious or nervous about the end of a school year and this can be a great way to ease their concerns and get them excited about moving forward in life.

Here are some ideas on how to celebrate the end of school:
· Throw an end of school party and let your children invite their friends
· Allow your child to have a sleepover on the weekend of the end of school with a couple of friends
· Throw a family-only party with balloons, cake and other celebrations
· Create a school year scrapbook together with all the memories of this year and what makes it special
· Have a water party- swimming pools, water slides, water guns, water balloons and sprinklers all make great fun, especially to start off the summer
· Plan a family movie night- sit down with your kids and let them stay up late watching all of your favorite movies together and enjoy popcorn and other snacks

Now that you have these ideas to get you started, you're ready to begin planning an end of school celebration for your family. Another fun idea that's a real motivator for most students is to purchase awards and have your own family awards ceremony. We get trophies for our children for Honor Roll all year or Perfect Attendance and Citizenship awards.

Highest GPAs, sports excellent and other academic excellence are also great ideas. My youngest read over 1,000 books for the Books and Beyond program so we got him a trophy with a book on it. There are many websites that allow online ordering of trophies, medals, ribbons, certificates and other awards at great prices.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

High School Musical Birthday Party

ArticleBy Jeanne Benedict
Celebrations Expert

Have a blast at a High School Musical Birthday Party.
Break out in song for your birthday party with a High School Musical theme.

Whether you're a fan of Troy (Zac Efron), the hot jock who sings, or Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens), the beautiful and brainy scholar-turn-star, the upbeat vibe of this blockbuster Disney franchise inspires a ton of ideas for a great party.

Pay tribute to the East High Wildcats by decorating in team colors of red and white, munch party food on cafeteria trays, and play a High School Musical DVD on a big movie screen.

Try one or all of these ideas for a show-stopping High School Musical birthday party.