Sunday, July 27, 2008

School party ideas with Olympic games

School Party Ideas to apply the spirit of Olympic games

Everyone is probably knew that the biggest event of mankind is coming again in 2008 Beijing Olympic games. This is a great chance to apply something related to Olympic Games to your school party ideas.

If you have a sport competition. You can assume that each team is the representation of each countr or continent,y and compete to win a "Paper Gold Medal." The party will be funnier.

Even though nationality humors are not appropriate sometimes, a a small teasing on the costume or the make up would make it much more hilarious. For example, the cheer leaders from Chinese team can dress in a Chinese costume or Chinese Opera costume etc.

In a young generation party, the story of Olympic Game Heroes can always be touchng.

It will remind all participants that it takes a very great effort to be successful.
It is a good time that the young generation will have their heroes.
It is a good time that the word " I wanna be like...." will inspire them, for someone, for the whole life.

Tell everyone that they can be successful like Ian Thorp, Micheal Johnson, Florence Griffith Joyner and many more. So, if you want to set up activities related to Olympic Games, don't lose the chance to encourage your children to find their role models.

Remember, linking popular events to your school party is one of the most simple school party ideas to make it much funnier and special.