Wednesday, July 2, 2008

School party ideas Game 2

School Party Ideas: Build a team work with construction game

Construction game is one of the very popular activities for school party ideas and team building activities. The idea is that to have everyone work together to create a piece of work for small competition in a limited time.

For example, we can seperate everyone into a small group and ask them to build a shooting machine from rubber and wood. Whoever make the most precise shooting machine will win the competition.

We should provide a certain tools and limited time so to set a fair rules to everyone to work with the same tools and time.

Again, you should not make the result so seriously but make it as one of an important point to be the reward for the winner. The point is people will know each other during the game. They will learn to solve the problem and work together in a crisis situation.

Do not let everyone continue after the time is up.

Example of construction for the fun game school party ideas.

  • Newspaper and tape and rubber band to build "the highest tower with free-stand."
  • Newspaper, tape, rubber band and a small ball to build "the best shooting machine."
  • Newspaper and tape to create "the strongest fighting forg."

This game school party ideas are very good for the environment that people still do not know each other very well. It's one of good "break the ice" activities.