Thursday, June 26, 2008

School party ideas Game 1

Amazing school party ideas: The Helium Stick

This is a very cool game for school party ideas. Everyone will be amazed when they start playing!!

Number of players: At least 10 recommended

Instruction for the Helium stick agame school party ideas:
1. Have all the participants stand in a long and straight line.

2. Ask everyone to raise their hands. The upper arm must stay next to the body and hold the lower arm perpendicular with the upper part. Everyone pull out only index finger for both hands and hold in the same level parallel with the surface.

3. Slowly put a long stick on their index fingers and ask them to slowly lower the stick down.

Remember: Everyone must not change the hand and arm position. They can kneel down. They can only bend forward to lower the stick down. The most important thing is that "everyone must try to have their fingers touch the stick at all time."

Result: Everyone will be amazed that the stick will never go down. Instead, it will keep floating up!! This easy activity will turn out to be very difficult. The way to lower the sticket down require a careful plan and strong collaboration.

The result of this game school party ideas is not necessary but the lesson learn is much more important that everyone in the team need to work closely together in order to achieve the same goal.