Wednesday, September 17, 2008

School Party Ideas: Pot luck

Sharing school party ideas with Pot Luck

Pot luck is a very popular school pary ideas in the western part of the world. Many international schools use this party ideas for many reasons. They can learn English by sharing and talking about different culture. They can have good topic to keep the party noisy. Most of all, the party host will have a good excuse not to prepare food.

Pot luck is a school party ideas that everyone will have to bring their own food to the party. The reason this kind of party is popular for international students is that their food can be so different. They can start the conversation by "what kind of food is that?" or "how did you cook that?" It could be a really fun party.

The factor you need to concern about this kind of party is that do not control the amount and type of food. Your students may have different background or family status. Some of them may bring a so-so food and some may bring very good and expensive one.

Don't put any rule on it as long as it's clean and healthy. Otherwise, you will see some of your students hiding themselves around the corner of the room without anyone talking to them just becasue they feel like their food is not as good as the others.

As a host, you should prepare something as well, in case the food is not enough or people bring only snack or drink. Be prepare of that kind of situation. Also, you should go around and talk to everyone, especially the new one or the one that seem to be lonely.

Pot luck party is an excellent school party ideas. With a littible bit of management, you can ensure that it is going to be a fun and memorable party for your students.

Monday, September 15, 2008

School Party Ideas Games 5

School Party Ideas Game: Secret drawing

Secret drawing is an excellent game to teach everyone of how to work as a team while keeping a fun activitiy and atmosphere. It is more suitable with grown kid around more than 10 year old.

Instruction: Group people into 5 or more in each group. Every group has one big empty paper and a set of color pens / crayon. The rule is everyone will have to draw the picture to be as same as possible with the original picture that you prepared earlier. However, this original picture is set in a secret area where everyonelse cannot see.

Each member of the team will have only one chance to come and see it in a limited of time and go back to draw or tell the team to draw.

Everyone will have only one chance to see this drawing, one by one. The drawing should be easy to understand but full of details such as red circial on the top right and small triangle up side down in the middle with a greeen tea inside etc.

The most important part of this school party ideas game is to give them around 5 minutes to discuss the plan before starting the game. Anyone who are ready will stand in line waiting to see the picture in a secret area. You will time them and ask them to stop immedietly when the time is up before asking the next one to come and see the drawing.

This school party ideas game is very good to teach the participants to learn how to work as a team because it is not possible that only one member will be able to remember everything. They need to seperate work and divide the area and help each other remember.

The disccussion part is very important and whoever comes up with the team plan first usually be the winner. Don't forget to summarize that the best way to win this game and any kind of big task is to work as a team.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

School Party Ideas Games 4

School Party Ideas Game: Whisper

Tools: more than 5 people.

This communication game is quite popular for all ages and can be a fun school pary ideas.

It will give everone a big laugh and can be a good example to teach everyone about the efficiency of verbal communication.

Have everyone sit or stand in circle or in line. You prepare some confusing phrases or sentences for everyone such as "I go to the town to see the white and brown cow" , show it to the first person and ask them to whisper this phrase one by one until the last person.

Then ask the last person to say it out loud. Everyone will laugh to hear that how the phrase are changed from the first whisper.

Keep playing for a while and summarize to everyone in the group that message from person to person can be changed so much. Therefore, do not believe everyone tells you right away. Think about it or find out the truth before you totally belive something.

However, no need to summarize seriously, if the participants are still very young (less than 10 years old). Your fun school party ideas will become a too serious one and they would not understand it anyway.

Friday, September 5, 2008

School Party Ideas Game 3

School Party Ideas: Bird and Nest

Bird and nest is a fun activity for the new group of people. They will havea chance to talk and run around during the game. It requires very minium of preparation but lots of fun.

Requirement : Just people. Let's say at least 30 people. The more people the more fun..!!

Instruction: Everyone has to define themselves whether they want to be birdor nest and they have to stick with the role throughout the game.

Then, an MC will simply annouce to everyone to group together in a certain number ofnests and birds. For example, when the MC said "we need 5 nest and 3birds." Everyone will need to rund around and group together. 1 group will consist of 5 people who are defined as nest and 3 people who definethemsleve as birds.

Therefore, there will be people who cannot group withanyone left in every round. These people will be invited to the stage anddo some purnishment like dancing etc.

Tips: Since this is a game, so don't make the result so serious. If you see someone change from bird to nest it should be fine as long as they talk andhave fun together. People who don't know each other before will have achance to talk while they already group together closly and wait for the others to run around and find their group.

You can tell everyonoe to spreadaway before starting the new round to ensure that the same group will notalways group together.