Saturday, June 14, 2008

Valentine's day school party ideas

Valentine School Party Ideas

Valentine's day is one of the most beautiful day throughout a calendar year. The school party ideas in valentine's day should also be beautiful and give a very nice feeling to everyone, while maintaining an enjoyable atmosphere because at the end it's still a school party!!

  • Flowers for you -- Valentine's day is about love and love is about flower. It is always good to involve flowers for nice school party ideas. Invest some budget to buy bunch of flowers and inform participants, your classmates or faculty juniors etc., to gather in some public places such as parks or school canteen. Everyone have their own flowers and can give to people in that places. It could creat a big laugh to people around.

Optionally, you can have someone to take photoes or VDO to share and to laugh with during the night party or later on. Be sure to ask for permission from the authority of that public place. Otherwise, the fun plan could be a nightmare if you end up the day at the police station!

  • Charity share love -- Arrange an activity to take everyone to a charity place for the donation. Valentine's day is not only about the love between boys and girls. It is about the love from everyone to everyone. And it could be the best school party ideas ever for many of them.

  • Valentine is about love not sex -- This blog is not a crazy undergroud blog. I am not encouraged you to take advantages of valentine's day to arrange a sexual or crazy party. It's valentine's day so make it a beautiful school party ideas.