Friday, May 9, 2008

Back to School Party Ideas

Back to school party ideas

For young children, we can imagine that first day at school will be the most suffer day in their life. As a kind teachers, you should be having some fun activities to comfort them during the first day in school.

If you are looking for some fun actvities to give a warm welcome to your student on the first day of school, check out below fun games and ideas for back to school party ideas. Find out what's the idea for your back to school pary

  1. Simon Says -- The most popular game. The players listen to the leader (Simon) and strictly follow what "Simon says" not what "Simon Does". Simon can fool the players by acting and saying differently. The player who does not follow what "Simon Says" will be eliminitead. The one who stay longest will be the winner.

  2. XXX Mania -- A fun back to school pary ideas. Find some good topic related to everyone who play the game and ask questions about that topics. The group or person who can answer the most questions will be the winner. For example, if you are member of basketball club you can set up a game "Kobe Bryant Mania" and ask questions about Kobe. It could be his first draft, his favorite players or his highest score season etc. This game will bring everyone to the same topic they like.

  3. Sport activities -- Sport activities always a great back to school party ideas. Basketball, football, running or tug-of-war. Make it easy and relax. Do not pay too much attention to the result. Teach everyone sportmanship and harmony.

  4. Charity back to school party ideas -- Bring valuable or memorable items for the bidding. Collect money or spare some income for charity to make your party more valuable.