Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Halloween School Party Ideas

Halloween school party ideas

Halloween doesn’t sound like a fun time at the beginning but somehow people make a lot of fun activities during the time. I am sure everyone would have some fun Halloween school party ideas back in the time you were in school. If you are looking for some fun school party ideas for your coming Halloween party, check out below list from me.
Find out what's the idea for your coming Halloween Party.

  1. Halloween Costume -- Everyone dresses in a halloween costume. Eat, drink and dance!!

  2. Halloween MAZE -- If you have enough spaces and budget, set up a maze and let's everyone play in a group. Have your team dress in a scary ghost to haunt the players inside. The first, or fastest, group who come out of the maze will get the prize. Don't forget to play it in the dark and extremely concern about everyone's safety. It could be a scary Halloween School Party Ideas!!!

  3. Ghost Guessing Game -- Have your team dress in a ghost costume. They have to cover their face and important parts of the body in a different way. For example, mummy covers their face with tissue paper etc. Let's the participants guess who are the ghost under the cover.

  4. Ghost Competition -- Annouce before the party day that you will have every group build or make some creative pieces of art about Halloween such as mask and ghost costume etc. Invite specialists or wellknown people to be a judge and annouce the winner on the party day.

  5. Charity Halloween School Party Ideas -- Bring valuable or memorable items for the bidding. Collect money or spare some income for charity to make your party more valuable.