Friday, July 11, 2008

Thanks giving school party ideas

Thanks giving School party ideas

Thanks giving is one of the most beautiful day. It is the day that represent kindness and hospitality that people can have with each otherno matter where they are from.

If you want to set up a thanks giving party at your school make sure it is not only a ''turkey and stuff" party. Make sure you have a nice party to remind everyone of the kindess warmliness that humans should have to eacvh other, especially in the cruel world nowaday.

You can prepare some small historical thanks giving act or a VDO cartoon to tell everyone about the origin of thanks giving. That's the good school party ideas for thanks giving.

If you want to have some kind of game or competition just to make the party more fun you can ask your students questions regarding thanks giving which was just shown in the act or VDO. This way everyone will pay more attention to that act or VDO to try to remember them to win the game. The winner prize could be something about Red-Indian such as arrow set toy or wood shield.

A good food, good game and good story can make a perfect thanks giving school party ideas.