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School Party Ideas: Graduation cakes

Graduation Cake Ideas

by Brian Kane

Graduation Cake Ideas and Suggestions

If you have a friend or relative who has an upcoming graduation, you may be thinking about baking them a special graduation cake. This website is jammed packed with some interesting and unique graduation cake ideas that help you find cake inspiration for such a special occasion.
Graduation is happy time, it's a time to celebrate, meet with family and friends as well as look forward to a bright futures. If you know someone who is about the graduate and you are set on planning a special graduation party then one of the essentials is a really good graduation cake ideas, no pressure :-)

Graduations mark academic advancement and deserves real recognition and celebration. Graduation parties areas much for family and friends to enjoy as the graduate themselves and typically almost everybody loves cake so choosing the right graduation cake is an opportunity to please the crowd. One of the first decisions to make is whether to buy or bake your graduation cake. Professionally baked graduation cakes can be tailored to suit the person graduating and the more personalised the better. They can be decorated with cars or faces and be made in the shape of scrolls or graduation caps and any other objects you can imagine.

If you decide to buy your cake then be sure to plan way in advance of the event. Order your graduation cake well in advance as bakeries can often be busy particularly around graduation time. Be sure to contact your baker as soon as you have decided on a party date and make sure they have all of your cake specifications. Look out for recommendation from family, friend son the best bakery to order from. Don't order to small. By all means estimate the number of people who will be attending when thinking about the size of the cake but be sure allow for some extra bodies just to be on the safe side.

In choosing colours for the cake it is often a good idea to use the school or college colors. Colors can easily be incorporated into icing and other cake decoration. The graduate's name and the graduation date are also nice touches. For that extra measure of personalisation why not have a picture of the person put on the cake. Most bakeries should be able to transfer a photo directly to the cake frosting so you could have fun with a childhood photo or a more serious one if you choose.

Making your Own
If you choose to make your own graduation cake it can take up a fair bit of your time but it is obviously less expensive and it will allow you to add some very personal touches. This method also allows you to be sure about the quality and freshness of the ingredients used to make up the cake so you can ensure it's fresh and tasty

Graduation Cake Decorations
The great thing about looking after the graduation cake is that you can be a creative and inventive as you like. As a basic rule of thumb - the more unique the ideas, the better. Want to bake the cake yourself - Click Here! to Get Instant Access To Dozens And Dozens Of Cakes, Cookies And Candies Online Training Videos And Community. Stories, Recipes, Pictures and So much more.

Personalizing the cake with the name of the person, the graduation date and the name of the school, college or university will add a great personal touch to create a great graduation cake but you need not stop there. Think about the person graduating and consider the following - the subject studied their personality & interests and so on. You will soon come up with unique ideas on how to approach your Graduation cake decorations.

The mortar board and tassel are the classic graduation cake toppings, but you don't need to stick with tradition. Fun patterns, school colours, polka dots and stars may meet other peoples tastes. For a child's graduation celebration a superhero design or cars and trains may be a better option. The choices for your cake design are as wide as your imagination. . If the graduate has career plans, maybe you could decorate the cake to reflect this choice. A Dollar sign for an accountant or a test tube for a graduate perusing a science career. A short quotation also provides an added touch of class. What about some Latin? Or a school motto?

Themed Graduation cake decorations are always a good idea. For example for a maths graduation you could decorate the cake in the cake in the school colors displayed with math symbols, everything from plus and minus signs to pi and square root signs. The same could be applied with Science - test tubes and chemical elements etc. I would check the Wilton cake decorating books. Also, go to your library and see what kind of cake decorating books that they have. Thirdly, I would consult with a bakery and see if they have any suggestions.

When working on a cake yourself bear n mind that t properly decorated a cake, you can buy Moulds in various different shapes and sizes. Cars, trains, cartoon characters, the list goes on. Thick cream can be put into these moulds to get different kinds of shapes for presentation purposes. Edible articles such as chocolates - grated or made into figures, candies, butter cream, fruit pieces like strawberries, cherries etc

You can also use the season as your inspiration. There are various frostings and icings which can be used for cake decorations. Victorian style, Royal icing, Fondant, Ganache and so on

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